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The holiday season is slooowly approaching... Buy a commission!
The starting price listed is for one character. Price per extra character is $5.

Full page of sketches: $13

Waleeog (Commission for Nikaleles) by Gingastar18

Simple headshot portrait: $10

Dot Pee Tee Ess Dee by Gingastar18Kurojaki by Gingastar18anthrax+ by Gingastar18

Simple full-body portrait: $20+

Bull+Dragon by Gingastar18Family by Gingastar18Drake and Lauren again by Gingastar18

Character with complex background: $28+

To the Stream by Gingastar18Kiricast by Gingastar18Pokeddex- Day 8 by Gingastar18

Realistic digital painting: $40+

King Cavalier by Gingastar18Those Two by Gingastar18RUTU by Gingastar18

Sketch version of any commission: 50% off listed price

Sketch versions can still be given flat colors or even shading, but they will have a loose, unrefined style.
Examples of sketch commissions:
Some basic sketches 
Some colored sketches
Some with shading and lineart


Terms of Service (updated Jan 30, 2015)

When you commission me, these are the conditions you’re agreeing to:

Subject Matter: My dA gallery and tumblr give some examples of what I am willing to draw. Animals, especially canids, are my preference, but I will draw just about anything organic. Just keep in mind I may decline drawing anything I do not feel I will be able to achieve or charge extra for something overly complicated or unfamiliar to me. 

What I will not draw: sexual content, extreme gore (although blood, artistic skeleton-type stuff, and fighting is fine), imitations of other artistic styles. If at any point I become uncomfortable with what I’m drawing or for any other reason, I reserve the right to decline or stop a commission. See “refunds” for more information.

Payment: You will receive my PayPal address when we have worked out the details of the commission. Please use “payment” instead of “gift.” You can pay at any point in the process, but you will not receive the finished art (though I may show you a lower-quality progress shot; see below) until you have paid.

Works in Progress: I can not guarantee that I will be able to show you the piece at every step in the process, as I often work all in one block of time. If I show you the work in progress and you are not satisfied, please let me know! I won’t be upset with you. If the markings or wrong or the hair is too short, just let me know and I will do my best to change it.

Completion Time: I am a full-time student, so completion time may be uneven. If you are commissioning something with a deadline, such as a piece for a birthday, then please let me know. I will also try to make my schedule known so you are aware if I am out of town or extremely busy with coursework. If I encounter a delay, then I will let you know.

Rights: I retain rights to the image, and will post it to dA by default. If you don’t want me to post it, let me know and I will honor that. You are allowed to use it wherever you want, but I ask that you credit me.

Refunds: If you or I terminate the commission then I will only offer refunds for incomplete work. If you ordered a drawing with lineart and colors, only to cancel when I had just completed the lines, I would only refund you the price for the coloring.

Thank you to Flann for the backbone of these Terms of Service.
context-fucker Featured By Owner Edited Jul 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Can you make only one image of demon fox (all nine-tails) sage mode naruto (while he's still human form) and while using body flicker technique with eternal mangekyou sharingan Sasuke while he's using Raikage Ultimate level of Lightning Aura (naruto chapter 436 page 08) and while using body flicker technique while both of them team up while naruto makes a rasenshuriken while it's expanded like the one shown in naruto manga chapter 432 with sasuke combining naruto's rasenshuriken with amaterasu's black flames and alot of electricity from kirin around the black flames raseshuriken while sasuke uses susanoo and sets it's bones on fire with amaterasu (naruto 463 page 15) and tsukuyomi. Can you do that please? Please reply
Gingastar18 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
context-fucker Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
So you'll do the request?
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